Trades and Services

Our diversified expertise hedges the entire BtoB and BtoC customer relationship value chain.
We capitalize on all channels to create value and enrich the customer experience.

We support our clients in the optimization of customer service quality with a unique approach focused on operational and customer relationship excellence.

  • Provision of information
  • Billing contract amendments
  • Handling Customer service claims
  • Sale of products and / or services ...


We help our clients develop a long-term relationship with their customers and guarantee a positive customer experience.

  • Identification and effective solving of customer problems,
  • Continuous value creation throughout all the customer touch points
  • Churn Management
  • Identification of commercial opportunities


We provide our customers with dedicated teams, with a real sense of customer contact and a perfect mastery of sales techniques for optimal sales performance.

Our technical support activity covers customer technical issues for BtoC and BtoB clients, through several levels of complexity (level 1, 2 and 3), in order to cover the end-to-end process with optimal efficiency and reduced resolution times.

  • Diagnoses
  • Operations Management
  • Coordination of onsite repairs
  • Improvement solutions


 Through an entity dedicated to digital activities, we support our customers in their digital transformation and in the support of their consumers' needs throughout all points of contact and channels.

  • Digicare (social networks, chat, messenging, mobile application ...)
  • E-reputation
  • Community Management

We rely on a Google Adwords expertise developed over the last 10 years to support our customers in creating, optimizing and evaluating the most successful Google Adwords campaigns.

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We implement solutions to identify the levers of customer satisfaction and implement the necessary corrective actions to better meet their needs

  • Marketing studies
  • Quality Audits
  • Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Barometer

Our BtoB sales team's mission is the marketing of specific offers in different sectors of activity.

Our specialized project teams in this niche are trained in the customer's premises to master the offer, and to develop an effective and relevant customer speech. With powerful technological tools, they quickly apprehend the customer's problems, and manage the operational aspects while maintaining quality performance and cost efficiency.


We support our customers in the management and optimization of their business processes so that they can refocus on their core business, and improve efficiency and productivity.

We provide our clients with experienced resources and state-of-the-art tools, for end-to-end support of the daily management of their IT assets within their premises.

Operational Excellence


A state of the art training structure which aims to increase our employees' expertise

At Intelcia, internal promotion is privileged and we actively participate in the development of our employees'career paths.

We provide our employees with a comprehensive training program in business and personal development, in order to meet our clients' requirements and support our employees' skill upgrade.

  • Generic modules for an introduction to the job or for a refresh of knowledge

  • Training modules specific to customers and their products, tailor-made in collaboration with the customer

  • Business training to help employees successfully fulfill their assignments and ensure the service expected by customers

Quality approach

Our quality approach implements processes that are essential to the performance of our services and customer satisfaction,. Our quality management system is driven by the principle of continuous improvement, and it is in compliance with the standard requirements in force.

Very demanding control procedures are put in place to complete the existing quality control process:

  • Audit Grid
  • Quality call monitoring (including live call monitoring)
  • Recording calls
  • Call calibrations
  • Coaching
  • Reporting


Intelcia, as a socially responsible company, has normalized all its activities in compliance with international standards.


The LRS label awarded by Afnor distinguishes Intelcia's good social practices in terms of human resources management and development, social dialogue, business practices, governance, environmental issues, and CSR commitment.


The NF 345 certification was awarded by AFNOR. rewards Intelcia's commitment to its customers,. More precisely, the level of quality in terms of service, and mobilizing our employees around a common goal: the irreproachable quality of our customer relationship management.

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Enquets et sondage

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Enquets et sondage

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Enquets et sondage

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore magna aliqua.