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Through the services we provide, we allow our clients to stay focused on their core businesses. We offer global and multisectoral services that revolve around a cluster of 4 main solutions:

Multichannel CX solutions

Sales & Retention Customer Care Technical Support

Business Processes

Digital Marketing Accounting Outsourcing Collection & Legal Solutions Quality Control Sales Outsourcing HR Solutions Compliance Control

IT Solutions

IT Consulting Software Integration Software Development Infrastructure Operation Governance

Innovative & Consulting Solutions

Smart Analytics Center Virtual assistants and Automation CX Consulting and Transformation Digitalisation and Low Code

Operational Excellence

To excel, to always be in action, to take up daily challenges, to be inventive in finding solutions and anticipating those to come, to be continually in search of the extra mile that will make the difference. We base our operational excellence process on strategic initiatives that reflect our vocation.


At Intelcia, we have created and fostered the conditions to welcome and cultivate all talents, dubbed the «Incredibles»!
We want them to join us and feel good enough to stay with us,
We support them in facing challenges,
We push them to do their best every day, and to do better in the future.

We want to see them thrive so we support their educational path and evolution.
Intelcia relies on a learning model that blends face-to-face sessions, e-learning, games and other interactive solutions to support our talents in the development of their business and management skills as well as their personal development.

  • 80% of our supervisors were promoted internally
  • 1.7 million hours of training delivered / year
  • +800 integration sessions / month
  • +9,000 participants in continued education sessions / month
  • +80 managers trained / month
  • 137 trainers
  • 110 training rooms


Our approach is to implement, in compliance with the requirements of the norms and standards in force, processes that are at the root of our services performance and customer satisfaction through two structuring poles:

  • Monitoring division : quality control and management, audit and certification, support activities, risk management, compliance, security and continuity activities.
  • Foreign Exchange : Process & Methods, continuous improvement, industrialization and customer satisfaction management activities. As part of the continuous improvement process, the Foreign Exchange division's expertise enables it to advise on processes and products to ensure added value.



The « Human for Client » label, awarded by the INRC, allow organizations to optimize their economic performance through social performance.

« Human for Client » is a label based on the international requirements of CSR according to the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard and dedicated to a business sector that covers all the contact channels of Customer Relationship (omni-channel vision) for all types of customers and all the businesses linked to a customer.