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Intelcia IT Solutions is a leading player in outsourcing and digitalization. With a strong ambition to grow and expand, Intelcia IT Solutions was born in Morocco and has broadened its horizons internationally.

IITS engineers serve multinational companies, local companies and the public sector worldwide from Morocco, France, Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon.

Our expertise ranges from business process digitalization to multi-technology managed services: Network, Cloud, Security, IP Telephony.


For each of your business process digitalization needs, Intelcia IT Solutions provides tailored, high value-added solutions.

Through its software suite, IITS provides solutions to digitalize your business processes. Its proven solutions have been adopted by nearly 800 companies in 2021 and have streamlined the interactions within these organizations.

Consultants at Intelcia IT Solutions integrate this software into your application environment and complement your organization's specific processes with customized applications.

The Intelsign solution, appreciated and recommended by IITS partners since 2005, is one of its expert solutions widely adopted on the market.


  • Intelsign
  • E-courrier
  • E-Coffre Fort
  • E-process
  • Purchasing Portal
  • Appointment scheduling
  • E-Réclamation

Do you wish to securely switch to electronic signatures?

Our electronic signature solution allows you to send your documents to the designated recipients, validate them using a controlled exchange process and affix a secure electronic signature. Intelsign ensures the traceability of the document and of the different parties involved in the process.

Are you looking to modernize and streamline your mail management?

Our mail management solution gives you full flexibility to efficiently process and track your mail in any format (email, fax, call, etc.). E-courrier is intuitive, responsive, and eliminates the need for a physical registry for enhanced performance.

Do you need to better manage document exchanges?

This state-of-the-art electronic data management (EDM) software provides secure document storage and sharing. It integrates signature, timestamp and read/delivery receipt acknowledgement tracking functions.

How can you track documents within the company?

Our E-Process solution enhances the flow of documents within large organizations through a dematerialized, fast and efficient process. With a predefined workflow and centralized document management, E-Process improves collaborative work within organizations

Do you need a comprehensive solution to manage your tenders?

The ultimate tender management tool allows you to dematerialize and manage your tenders, from preparation to bid opening. The Purchasing Portal secures all stages of the tender process with configured access to guarantee the sustainability of the process

Are you looking to efficiently manage your calendar?

The tool organizes and synchronizes your calendars when scheduling appointments with your partners or clients. With a relevant follow-up and a display of the entire calendar, Appointment scheduling facilitates the management and control of your reception capacities.

For a better handling of complaints?

E-Réclamation allows you to manage your customer complaints 100% electronically, irrespective of the channels used to submit them (printed, email, web form). By securing the traceability of exchanges, the solution facilitates and speeds up responses to complaints.

Trust us with your IT service, in part or in whole, and focus on your core business.

With a wide range of expertise, Intelcia IT Solutions can provide highly qualified teams of engineers to ensure the security and the operationalization of your platforms, while maintaining a high-quality front and back-office service.

We boast more than 10 years of experience in this field, serving international clients.

Our area of expertise includes the management of IT infrastructures, Business Intelligence and Consulting. Intelcia IT Solutions is involved in the 5 stages of the information system.

Managed Services
Managed Services


With the overhaul of its service catalogue, the transformation of the outsourcing activities into a service center allows Intelcia IT Solutions to offer its clients greater flexibility, optimization capacity and new payment options.




To deliver a lasting and standardized high-quality service, Intelcia IT Solutions has built its service offer according to the ITIL V3 method. The latter makes it possible to set up a management model of IT production which places clients at the heart of the concerns, and to establish a seamless communication channel with clients.
The employees of Intelcia IT Solutions are certified for about thirty products and services provided to multinational companies.

  • Réseau
  • Sécurité
  • Cloud
  • Communication Unifiée
  • Business Intelligence

Notre pôle Business Intelligence vous accompagne dans la structuration, le reporting et l’analyse de vos données pour une meilleure compréhension de votre environnement d’affaires et une proactivité dans la conquête de vos marchés.


Intelcia IT Solutions places resources with its clients, providing them with its experts in the various IT areas.

Our talented recruitment team dedicated to IT businesses provides all levels of resources, who are extremely qualified and hand-picked, to support you through your transformation projects.

These certified skills are available with a high degree of flexibility to better manage your budgets.



Our catalogue includes almost one hundred areas of expertise, from Java to .Net, Python, C#, with business knowledge in many business areas: Telecom, E-Commerce, E-Gov, Purchasing.


Our project managers are specialized by universe (Networks, Systems, Telephony) or by business knowledge for the application. We provide them with project management certifications.


We cover the following areas: Network, Databases, Storage, Virtualization, Security with 3 levels of seniority. We can cover your production 24/7 with a multilingual service.


Our deployment engineers operate in Lan/ Wan/ Security/ Unified Communication.


We can put together teams of testers, with specific skills and certifications suited to your business.


* 2021 figures
Join Intelcia IT Solutions!

Join Intelcia IT Solutions!

At Intelcia IT Solutions, you will work in a nimble and innovative environment, in which you will learn and grow.

Join Intelcia IT Solutions!

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