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Welcome to the Intelcia adventure

Vie d'entreprise

The pillars of the happy workplace

Une culture, un ADN
A culture, a DNA

Our commitment to our clients’ success is reflected in the values we uphold every day. Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses, consumers and values allows us to build rich, healthy, and lasting relationships.

Transparency and Communication

We create the right conditions for our employees to reach their full potential. Rituals such as “Morning Coffee” and “Townhall” encourages the practice of sharing, informing, listening and celebrating.

Transcend the employee experience

The group’s development since its inception reflects its teams’ growth. With tools such as My Todo, My Vacation, My Transport, My HR and My Shift, we strive to provide a seamless and innovative employee experience to maintain this dynamic.

Communicate, inform and much more...

In’Radio, MyIntelcia App, Newsletter...these are all tools that help us inform and involve our employees. They also contribute to maintaining a pleasant, friendly and fun working and living environment.

Celebrating our talents time and again

We ensure that our employees feel appreciated and valued. This is the basis for sustainable high performance. Team-buildings, sports activities, afterworks are some of the ways we express our gratitude to them.

Join us

As a multi-skilled, multi-cultural, multi-lingual group, we build, with companies and administrations, unique user experiences to build a better tomorrow.

We promote boldness, creativity and excellence, but also benevolence and solidarity. Joining us means embracing these values to which we owe our success. It also means growing alongside young and dynamic teams.

Everything has been designed to allow them to learn, grow and thrive within a leading global company that makes agility its spearhead.

We are 20 years old and counting.