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Retail & E-commerce

The restrictions on mobility during the health crisis have left retailers with little choice but to make or accelerate their migration to digital channels. Despite the surge in online shopping, customers are still attached to actual retail stores, compelling companies to deliver a hybrid, fast and seamless shopping experience across all channels. This is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and remain successful while optimizing costs in an inflationary context. By combining:

● our know-how in customer relationship management,

● our expertise in advanced technologies,

● a thorough knowledge of the sector,

● a rich and diversified skill set,

● business models tailored to your budget constraints,

we enable you to rise to your challenges to achieve sustainable performance.


Your challenges

  • Enhanced shopping experience and customer loyalty
  • Enhanced operational performance
  • Competitive environment

Our solutions to meet your needs

  • A comprehensive and integrated offer to manage customer relations
  • An omnichannel solution to enhance customer satisfaction
  • E-voluciona’s expertise (CX consulting, automation, self-care solutions, etc.) to make the most of cutting-edge technologies for your transformation projects
  • Smart predictive solutions or Speech analytics to leverage customer data so as to improve the value proposition and increase sales
  • A strong international presence: multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-activity

Our other industries

Secteur public
Public Sector

The public sector needs constant modernization to be more efficient and in tune with users’ expectations. Over the last 15 years, Intelcia has developed a solid expertise in the management of citizen relations with the help of teams who embody the values and the mindset of public service players.

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Telcos are under greater pressure to deliver quick and high-quality services. Staying competitive and retaining customers will require a personalized, omnichannel customer experience and investments in operational efficiency.

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The health crisis is perhaps the tipping point for a new era of travel. With Intelcia, you will have the necessary tools to fully address the desire for immediacy, autonomy and above all, a fully personalized experience.

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Traditional media are compelled to reinvent themselves as new consumption patterns emerge. By tapping into the entire consumer data ecosystem, it is possible to implement innovative approaches.

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In the future, the shift to automation, cloud and outsourcing will increase to ensure greater flexibility. Our engineers will help you optimize your resources and create more value for your business.

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Pressure from public authorities and customers makes operational efficiency a vital issue for energy companies. Rely on the expertise of Intelcia’s teams to help you navigate through this period of extraordinary turmoil and plan for the future.

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Competition and more volatile customers have highlighted the need for traditional players to adapt their relationship model. However, they cannot address these challenges alone. We help banks transition their customer relations to a new era thus enabling them to secure their recurring revenues.

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A seamless customer experience! This is the name of the game in the insurance industry. Having a 360° customer view to provide them with a tailor-made service is a major challenge. For example, we must make the most of data to better manage the customer experience.

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